Tournament regulation

Tournament regulation

  1. It will be played according to German Football Association (DFB) rules.

  1. Team sheets have to be handed over to the Infopoint (easily legible) at the latest 30 minutes before your first match. Passes/passports have to be shown to the tournament directors before the start of the tournament. Shirt numbers have to match the numbers on the team sheet.

  1. Age date: born in 2014 or younger

  1. Mode of play: see Schedule

  2. Field of play/goals:
    It will be played across half size of the pitch with Mini Soccer goals (5 x 2 m).
  1. Playing time: see shedule.
    All the matches will be started and finished centrally, with the use of a siren, by the tournament organizers. We would ask all trainers to remove injured players from the pitch for treatment, so that play may continue without significant delay.
    Should there be a need for a longer injury related break (more than 2 minutes) , the referee may extend play beyond the sounding of the siren, accordingly, and at his discretion.
  1. Substitutions: Any number of players can be substituted from the touchline.

  1. Kick off: The team first mentioned on the schedule kicks off. First and final whistle are performed by the Tournament Directors. The team first mentioned on the schedule occupies the half of the pitch closer to the Tournament Directors´ tent, the second mentioned team the half further away from the Tournament Directors.

  2. Pass back and rule of midline: For all tournaments, the back-pass rule applies.
    If a player passes the ball intentionally to his goalkeeper with the foot or by a throw-in, it is prohibited the goalkeeper from touching the ball with the hands or from taking up, otherwise it is decided on indirect free kick.
    The goalie isn´t allowed to kick (out of his hands or for a goal-kick) or throw the ball over the midline. If he would do this, the opponent team will get a free kick at midline. The goalie isn´t only allow to kick the ball over the midline when the ball is “in the match”. For example when he gets a backpass or when he disturbs an opponent player.
  1. Free kicks: Directly explained free kicks can lead to the gate success.

  2. Offside: It is played without offside regulation.

  1. Personal Penalties: are bookings (yellow card), sending off (2 minute-suspension) as well as sending off for good (red card). In case of a sending off for good the tournament directors will decide what penalty is appropriate.

  2. Goal-Kick: It is allowed to the goalkeeper with goal-kick to carry the ball from the hand from the penal space. The goal-kick must not occur therefore compelling “from the ground” from. The goalie isn´t allowed to bring the ball over the midline with his goal-kick.

  3. Evaluations: Each team is allocated 3 points per win and 1 point per draw. Should at the end of a group stage teams be level on points the following criteria determine the place in the group
    1. Goal difference
    2. More goals scored
    3. Direct results between the teams in question
    4. If only one of two (or several teams) might progress a penalty shoot-out (9m) will decide (3 penalty takers each team).
    5. If all teams involved are already qualified for the next round a ballot will decide the places in the group (tournament directors)

  4. Kits: The team first mentioned on the schedule has to change shirt in the event of shirts having the same colour or wear the bibs provided by the tournament directors.
  5. Challenge Cup: The challenge cup of our respective tournaments remain in possession of the hosting club.

  6. Entrance of the fields: Entering the fields is limited to the players and up to 3 coaches. Would all parents and supporters please have a seat in the stand or stand on the terraces.
    In the knock-out games a draw is immediately followed by a penalty shootout (9m) (3 penalty takers). If the scores remain level another player has to step up until there is a decision.

  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Shin pads are compulsory. Playing without shin pads is not allowed for insurance-related reasons.
    The Organizers or organizing club do not take responsibility for any adversity suffered by any participant. We do not take any responsibility for theft!
    3. With the participation in the tournament the participant association recognises the tournament order

The tournament management